Is the North face apex Government of the People

Is the North face apex Government of the People First East Lake, the starting point and end point humming! this year, the East Lake in the past on the basis of food safety regulation, but also further improved the long-term mechanism of the six major food safety system: First, increasing organizational responsibility system strengthening; Second, continue to strengthen the joint law enforcement system; third, steady progress in building the quality of the credit system; Fourth, emergency handling system maturity; five is a comprehensive inspection and monitoring system and continuously improve; Sixth, North face discount social supervision system was gradually improved. The creation of demonstration areas, not only effectively protect the East and West Lakes of food safety and reliability, while promoting the areas continued economic development and social order and stability. Between January and September this year, the region to achieve full fiscal revenue 2.712 billion up 33.4%; was flat revenue for 10 consecutive years among the city, the provinces top. Of suffering, people become depressed, the writer becomes the sad, silent and works of a rich but people The north Face Kids Denali Fleece Jacket sigh.
Par aayangjacket le mercredi 19 janvier 2011


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