District North face jackets health departments

District North face jackets health departments to increase the focus on schools, construction sites and other cafeteria supervision, strengthen the rural peasant music tour to inspect and guide the restaurant industry, and the implementation of rural collective dining registration system, effectively prevent the occurrence of collective food poisoning. in meat regulation, something the private lake on the slaughtered carcass conduct a random key remediation and completely close the Sisal point 4, and confiscated 4,200 kg of meat IOUs, to better ensure the safety of meat quality. In ensure that North face denali the slaughtering of live pigs on the basis of 100%, focusing on the > [Tong Wishing] East Lake Food Safety Office, Bin Yao: In terms of food safety regulation, effective implementation of our organization and coordination responsibilities, the focus on supervision and inspection, the problem rectification, three tasks accountability. So far, we have something Lake has not had a case of food safety accidents. Positive on food consumption from production and processing to monitor the entire link, just do something Lakes food safety as the first step; and establish long-term The North Face Windstopper Soft Shell Jacket Mens mechanism for food safety and credit system.
Par aayangjacket le mercredi 19 janvier 2011


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